Coriolis Pharma Corporate refresh

(Re-)positioning of a biotech company for the future

November 10, 2020   ·   UX/UI Design & Branding


Coriolis is a globally operating service provider and one of the world leaders in formulation research and development of (bio)pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

As a family-owned and independent company with an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled scientists and an expert scientific advisory board, we provide cutting-edge services and tailor-made solutions for our customers.


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The aim

The website was set up in 2010 and has been used virtually unchanged since then. Only minor updates were made. Since then, however, a lot has happened in the biotech world and nowadays the first impression on a B2B website counts. The content as well as the existing CMS no longer corresponded to the current state of the art and the needs of Coriolis Pharma and the layout no longer supported the image of the company adequately enough. There was no mechanism for lead acquisition and lead capture.

Old corporate website


Our proposal was based on the values developed in a workshop. We used them to differentiate brand attributes, which served as a basis for the design of the new brand identity.

Workshop results


In addition to the existing corporate colors, we defined new fresh tones to match the company's modern mindset.

First draft of new colors


To avoid having to install new fonts on all the company's computers by the IT department, we decided to use a combination of fonts that were already pre-installed on the Windows environment.

So we decided on a combination of Corbel and Cambria. Both fonts work surprisingly well together, radiating modernity and confidence.

New typography system

Screen designs

We developed a corporate site that is modern, intuitive and fast and transports the user to the service he is looking for.

In the screen design, we divided all elements into individual modules that can be filled and positioned on the page quickly and easily by the people working on it.

First layout draft

Design system

In the course of a new company presentation and a trade fair concept we developed a design system that can also be used for various other media. So we revised the additional colors and expanded the icon system.

Final colors

Corporate presentation charts

Final product

Over time, the corporate site has evolved continuously during operation and has been equipped with more functions and features, which have been customized to the needs of our client.

See live product

Final corporate website