SCHOTT AG Erich Schott Center

Showroom & graphic concept for a leading international technology group in the fields of special glass and glass ceramics

August 15, 2018   ·   Showroom & Graphic Concept


SCHOTT AG is an international manufacturing group of glass and glass-ceramics. The company is head-quartered in Mainz, Germany. They are active in 35 countries around the world and employs approximately 15,000 people.

The Erich Schott Center is SCHOTT AG’s branded space and the area for the company’s permanent exhibition. In the process of renovating the exhibition area, which features the company’s history to current technologies and innovations, a unique and modular design language for branded space was developed.




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The unique design form of the modular concept derives from the irregular structure of glass and can be used universally for any spatial communication. The system consists of different modules like walls, pedestals and seating elements, which enable the viewer to experience products and technologies according to their needs. This exhibition system provides a consistent and dynamic foundation for SCHOTT to present high-class technologies and products.

The Principle of the Floorplan

The floor plan of this permanent exhibition follows a simple principle: Like rays of light in an optical structure, visitors are guided through the exhibition areas - from historical milestones to current operations.

Wayfinding system

Pictograms are used for orientation within the exhibition. These graphics are based on a unified template and represent the complex themes of the individual business units. They are the basis of the guidance system and are used on all accompanying media and exhibits.

The draft

The realisation


The showroom design was awarded with an iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 and a Special Mention in the category "Retail Architecture" of the German Design Award 2017.