eskju Corporate Design

Corporate design & art direction for a limited streetwear brand

August 15, 2018   ·   Corporate Design & Art Direction


Development of a concept and identity for the streetwear fashion label »eskju«.

Our goal was to create a strong identity for a streetwear brand. We concepted a brand as a plattform for young artists. Each piece is signed from the artist as a part of a limited collection. Customers were allowed to decide the combinations of product, style and artist via social networks and were allowed to see which unique pieces will be created. This concept we called the "WE"-feeling of a brand. »eskju« started as a bachelor thesis in collaboration with Daniel Bretz.




Corporate Design
Editorial Design
Web Design
Art Direction
Product Photography


Every customer receives his personalized letter through a modular stationary concept.

Product brochure

Product brochure with a lasered logo on the cover and large detail shots of each product.

Web Design

A clean and modern webshop design which tansports the ecological statement of the brand for the use with shopify webshop system.