evm Corporate rebranding

An energetic rebranding for a regional energy supplier from Germany

December 2, 2020   ·   Branding & Art Direction


Energieversorgung Mittelrhein (evm) is the largest municipal energy and service company in Rhineland-Palatinate. Around 1,000 employees supply customers with green electricity, natural gas, heat, drinking water, telecommunications and competent service.

The company is actively and with conviction committed to transparent, environmentally friendly and resource-oriented action and social commitment.


evm – Energieversorgung Mittelrhein AG


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Art Direction
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The task

The demands on energy service providers are changing radically. People are living and thinking in a more networked way, competition from the digital industry is increasing and politics is also constantly setting new directions. In this environment evm wanted to position itself more clearly as a brand.

The old design system no longer corresponded to the new orientation of evm as a solution provider for modern services with a focus on renewable energies.

Old design system

Together with evm we were to develop a brand identity as a solution provider and thus give the company a new and contemporary face that reflects the values of the company.

Workshops & concept

Values and rules were developed in several workshops with evm's internal redesign team. These defined the cornerstones for a modern, friendly and fresh digital appearance that appeals to all target groups.

Logo reshaping

The revision of the logo makes the further development as a solution provider visible, while the previous brand of evm remains recognizable. We have simplified the logo and at the same time, with the color gradient, we have created more dynamics and unity. This increases visibility and is also optimized for use in digital media. This is ensured by the larger font and the more balanced typeface.

Optimized favicon logo

Color world

We have revised and expanded the color world. One main color each stands for one theme.
Overarching corporate themes appear in the usual bright orange-yellow.
Flowing transitions give the future appearance more liveliness and closeness.
Overall, the new color world appears warmer, stronger and more modern. Thus evm can clearly distinguish itself from competitors and appear more visibly in its region.

New colors


In order to keep licensing costs low and the implementation effort for over 1,000 employees low, we decided to use a license-free font.

Ubuntu font

The Ubuntu font family has an independent and warm character. Its forms appear soft and modern, yet have clear, geometric lines. In addition, Ubuntu is accessible, web and print optimized and guarantees optimal readability for monitors and print applications. It has a large number of different fonts that allow free combination.

Ubuntu font

New contract in folder

Stationary design system

Icons and infographics

Icons are constructed on a grid and an angle of 45°. Thereby they have an opening on the lower right side.

Icons and illustrations

Infographics are implemented as linear vector graphics. They enable simple information transfer even for complicated facts. The main line color always appears in warm orange and explanatory elements are distinguished in the respective area color. This creates a clear and distinct distinction between the individual elements.

Icon library

Design system

Short, concise headlines create a faster orientation, the font size is variable. The intro texts on the title should be kept as short as possible. The font color is chosen with the greatest possible contrast. Black font on white background, white font on color areas and color gradients.

The larger circle ("Content Dot") may either be white on a photographic background or filled with color gradients or images on a white background. The smaller circle ("Info Dot") may contain icons or important highlight information and is designed in one color.

The photographic image share depends on the hierarchical level of the respective product. The more image-rich, the higher the proportion of images, and the more informative, the lower.

Broschure system

Online brand design

The new brand experience

With its new corporate design, evm is consistently positioning itself as a regional, innovative solution provider for people's public services.

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